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Shoppes at Four Seasons Place

Now the style comes to you


The language of the ‘Shoppes at Four Season Place’ brand is the language of fashion – words like audacious, bold, dramatic, extravagant will set the tone of a brand that is not shy of what it is and what it stands for.


The line ‘Now the STYLE comes to you’ is one of many messages that use this brand language, to talk about the brand in a unique way. This is not a brand that needs to shout through garishness but screams fashion, style and understated elegance without breaking even breaking a sweat.

Project: Shoppe at Four Seasons Place

Brand concept, Communications, Graphic design, Art direction

Kuala Lumpur


Photographer: Chuan Looi

Art direction: Kok Hsiung

Stylist: Wee Chee

Makeup artist: Deirdre Chong

Hair stylist: Ckay Liaw

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