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Singabera Ginger Tea

Natural. Artisan. Nurturing.


Singabera is the Sanskrit name for ginger and the name of the Na family’s finest ginger teas. Started by the father, Na Sing Hie in Solo, with love, passion and commitment, he and his wife built the business from scratch to bring the health benefits of ginger into a high quality beverage. Singabera Ginger is the core ingredient of their infusions and the vertical business model brings their crop, through manufacturing and processing, to their expanding distribution network. Sold traditionally through local food and drink stalls and shops, We were challenged to contemporise Singabera for sales into expanding international markets and modern trade, but maintain the authenticity of the brand’s roots in the Indonesian archipelago.


Project: Singabera Ginger Tea

Logo, Packaging, Graphic design, Art direction



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